About us

The vision for A Cup of Yarn started about 4 years ago when I realized that their was a definite need to boost the local South African yarn industry. Having been a full time painter/artist for nearly 15 years, it was quite a mind shift to start this new endeavor, but I am glad I did.

I started out as a distributor for MoYa Cottons as well as Colors of Grace Cotton yarn, but it developed into a hand dyeing and spinning business where almost everything is done by hand. (my hands, to be exact)

A new addition to the concept is conducting workshops that are specifically meant to teach the new generation of women the beginner lessons of the old crafts of spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet and hopefully soon, weaving.

The idea behind the workshops is to create interest in these crafts and to inspire the beginner students to find classes in their local areas to hone their skills in order to either use it as a hobby or an income.

There are allot of other creative plans pending, but for now, that is all there is to be said about A Cup of Yarn.

For any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.