Drought Relief Project: Save the sheep, protect your habit.

Support a farmer to keep your yarn!

Hallo to all my sheep loving, Yarn buddies!

This post is all about supporting the farmers who raise the sheep that feed or yarn addictions. Starting a fundraiser is very much out of my comfort zone, but please bare with me and continue reading. This is important if you want to keep your yarn stash intact.

The Reality: 

As we know, there is still a severe ongoing drought in the Northern and Eastern Cape. In spite of good rain in certain parts, there are still areas that haven’t received any or very little rain. Many farmers have lost all their livestock and there are others that are on the verge of loosing it. Although there has been help from institutions such as  Droogtehulp and Save the Sheep,  those companies need funding to continue the work.

The Epiphany:

Being in the yarn industry, I have direct contact with some of the farmers (specifically the Sutherland/ Fraserburg area)  who are facing these day to day struggles.  Since they  take care of the animals that supply us with the yarn that we love working with, I thought it appropriate to start a project that will give them a little bit of love in return.

The Plan:

In the light of this epiphany, I worked out the following scheme.

My normal price on all my hand dyed yarn is R180/ 100g

I am adding R15 to the amount, but will also be subtracting R15 from my original price. That means the buyer donates R15 per skein and I donate R15 per skein. This adds up to R30/ per skein that will be donated. I will set aside the funds and EFT the full amount at the end of each month.  Please find the link to their site below.


This is my platform of choice, but if you want to donate to  a different drought relief platform, I will gladly send your donation funds to them per your request. If you want to add a donation to orders that are not A Cup of Yarn Hand dyed yarn, please notify me in the order description box.

How to buy:

Go to the online shop (link below)

Place your order.

If your order is not for A Cup of Yarn Hand Dyed yarn and you want to make a donation, pleas specify the amount you are adding to your order in the description box of the order.

Track your donation on the Drought Relief Donations page on this site.


Full Disclosure

I am adding a Drought Relief page to the site , where I will be showing any incoming and outgoing finances. You will find the link below:


Donators are also welcome to contact the site where donations are made to ensure that the funds are going to the right place.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions and thanks in advance for your support.

Last Note:

Let’s  support a farmer and save a sheep! Whoop Whoop!

Be blessed


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