Yarny Interviews Take 1

Well, hallo there! I hope everybody is doing well.

In this blogpost I want to share my new adventure and the reasons behind it with you.

A while ago, I got this strange idea to start interviewing SA yarn dyers and manufacturers as well as  the shop owners who support them by stocking their yarn.

The greatest motivation behind these interviews is to promote the South African yarn industry.

In the process of interviewing these amazing ladies, I realized the importance of seeing the face behind the makers /shop owners and to hear their stories. All of them are passionate about their brand or business, but what impressed me the most with all of them was the love and passion they have for their customers/ students and their desire to provide an excellent product/education to the yarn craft community.

Although I have to be honest and say that these are not professional videos and that they are full of rookie mistakes on my part, they are worth the watch for the simple reason that it is worth hearing their stories.

Follow the link below to the playlist that contains the interviews.

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We are going away for 2 weeks. Take 2 of Yarny Interviews will start when we get back.


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