First for 2021

Hallo 2021 and hallo to anyone reading this post.

I hope everybody is doing well and that you are keeping safe and healthy. Like everybody else, I can only say that 2020 has been an…well…interesting year to say the least and walking into the new year, it hasn’t exactly become less interesting.  We are grateful that we are healthy as a family. I did have a couple of days of concern, but thankfully it came and went.

This weekend was quiet.  We are spending most of our time at home and if we do go out we try and keep to open spaces as far as possible.

Yesterday, my husband and I took a road trip, bought some bread, cheese and cold cuts from the Deli at Babylon Storen ( I love their rye bread). We drove up the Franschhoek Pass and stopped at the top to have a light lunch. My husband refuses to go to any form of restaurant at the moment, because he doesn’t feel that it is safe to do so. (He works with the public on a daily bases and doesn’t want to get sick or make anyone else sick. )I have to say that I didn’t miss a restaurant at all. Spending time alone on top of a beautiful pass is such a blessing! We spent some time in prayer , worship and eating. That was one awesome lunch! I am adding the photo I took while waiting for him to get the car parked.  Sooooo beautiful!

That sums up our weekend.

I also spent allot of my weekend pondering about the way forward with A Cup of Yarn. I did say a bit about this in my YouTube video. I am still struggling to get my head in the right direction, so I decided to go back to why I started doing this in the first place. I wanted to create affordable product for everyday people to use and in the process support the South African wool industry. I need to just reverse and re-adjust my perspective. The easiest way is to go back to the root of things, throw out what counts as “clutter” and rearrange the stuff you are keeping.  That is often easier said than done, but I have been here before so I am not discouraged.

My first 2021 You Tube video was published this afternoon. I am still trying to figure how to edit the video itself, but at least I have figured out how to change the display thumbnail.  The current plan is to put out one blog post as well as one You Tube video a week and share them on the social media platforms that I am on. I also want to get the long awaited newsletter going that I am planning on sending out maximum twice a month. Oh, and I am not leaving WhatsApp so my WhatsApp Business app is still running.

You Tube display Thumbnail

I think that will be it for now. Hopefully I will have a bit more creative content for my next post.

Thank you for reading. Take care, stay safe and remember that yarn is the remedy for almost all stressful situations, so please visit the online shop and get some.




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