Fresh start: I’m coming back home!

Good morning from a very cold Worcester in the Western Cape of South Africa.

We are currently in mid winter and it is freezing outside at the moment. The mountains surrounding our towns are white with snow and it has been raining non-stop for a week. We are not complaining about the rain or the cold (in Africa you don’t complain about water), but right now, I am grateful to be sitting under my blankets while writing this post. There are many out there who don’t even have a bed, let alone a blanket.

On that note, on to the actual topic:

I have a HUGE announcement to make.

I am returning to the woolly side of life! Yay! As anybody who has been following me on Instagram and Facebook will know, I have been working full time outside of home since last year August. I’m not going to lie, it has been a challenge to give up my creative license, but at the time it was a good decision to make. I have learnt allot about business management, book keeping and myself in the last year. What I have learnt most about myself is that I am not made for the corporate sector. I am just fine with the private sector where the restrictions are less and I have room to move, but corporate with all the boxes and creative restrictions…nope…not my jam.

So what happened, you may ask. We went on a holiday trip just before the Covid19 lock down. At the time, we didn’t know that a lock down in South Africa would be necessary, so I was planning to put in my resignation as soon as we returned. As it turns out, lock down was necessary and I had to put resigning on the back burner until I was certain that everything was secure at my current workspace.

4 Months down the line and I have eventually taken the plunge. I have put in my resignation for the end of September and God willing will be opening up shop again before the end of the month with two young ladies ( Adele and Rose ) running it with me. The online shop will also be open again. By October I will be back full time and I will be able to do classes and workshops again.

Although the plan was to open shop in Q Square (our mid-town arcade), I realized that it will be highly improbable for me to do so without my full time job carrying the costs. It will also be highly improbable for me to run my own shop, while working full time in a retail set-up. Unless I get a back-up sponsor from October onward or some other miracle happens, my shop will have to be at my home. Thankfully I have more than enough space (actually bigger than the space I would be renting) as well as  additional space to give classes , small workshops and host crochet/ knitting group get togethers   (the latter will be as soon as lock down ends).

About the shop:

This time around, I am making my shop a proper shop instead of just a room where you can buy yarn. Other than yarn, I will be selling high quality handcrafted objects made by local makers . This will include shawls, tops, sweaters, beanies, crochet toys, etc. I am also planning on stocking knitting needles, crochet hooks and other notions, but that may have to wait until August.The first priority is YARN!

The yarn in my shop will consist of South African products only. I will be avoiding imports at all cost. The only place a may budge is a product like Opal sock yarn, but only on demand.  I will stock hand dyed cottons, hand dyed wool as well as more affordable machine dyed products from African Expressions. Most of my products will consist of natural fibers, but since I realize that everybody who loves knitting/ crochet can not afford a R200 skein of yarn, I will be stocking blends from African Expressions  such as  Freedom to be able to accommodate yarn lovers that are making on a budget.

As far as needles and notions go, I will be starting out with products like Knit Pro Basix and Addi. These are my only serious imported products, since it is almost impossible to find decent quality needles and crochet hooks that has been manufactured in South Africa. I am looking into hand crafted notions, but as my darling husband always reminds me: Rome was not built in a day.

Last but not least:

A Cup of Yarn may or may not get a logo make-over (not a new name…just a makeover). I am still thinking about that. I would appreciate your insights on that subject. Send me your ideas!

That is it for now. I hope everybody reading this living in the Southern Hemisphere are  keeping warm and safe. If you live in the part of the world where it is Summer now, enjoy the sun and keep safe too. Please take care of yourself and your family.








  • Marlene Doyer

    Good to hear. Will you stock Harmony as well? Will you be at your house in Worcester? Or another house?

    • Elmarie Smit

      Hallo. Yup, I am going to stock harmony as well. I will have the shop at the same spot as before, but this time I am turning it into a proper shop.

  • Annamari

    Hi Elmarie, so bly jy terug met winkel, ek soek van jou naalde, laat weet as jy gekry het.

    Liefde groete
    n Groot aanhanger

    • Elmarie Smit

      Hallo! Dankie. Ek sal bealis laat weet. Ek mag dalk eers die naald in Augustus kan aankoop, maar ek sal dit op die FB groep en op my Instagram feed wys sodra ek het

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