Meet JanJac Wool

A warm welcome to JanJac wool.  Elize Farre is a passionate yarny living in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Her business name is derived from the names of her son and daughter, whom she loves dearly.

She spins and weaves with both bought in, ready processed fleece as well as raw unprocessed fleece straight from the sheep.

Elize sources her unprocessed fleece from local farmers. She processes(cleaning, combing and carding) the raw fleece by hand, taking extreme care to produce a high quality product.

She currently uses dark merino and Awassie (milk sheep) wool that she was able to source to spin and weave wearable and usable products.

She also spins yarn suitable for knitting using 19.5 micron ready processed wool bought in from Fibers4Design, Port Elizabeth.

Elize is involved in training for job creation in this field.

JanJac Wool products will soon be featured and sold from the site. Her profile page link can be found below.

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