Changes and Things that stay the same.

At last I am putting up a blog post again. I think my last one was about two months ago. Needless to say it has been a hectic couple of weeks. Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Facebook, will have noticed that I have started working full time. The most common question I have received from my yarny friends has been ” I hope you don’t stop dyeing” and my answer is “no, I won’t, but there will there are some changes”

So here are the changes:

  • I won’t be doing markets for the long run. I work retail hours, so that won’t be an option.
  • Dyeing will happen in off days and after hours. I only feel as if I am settling down and getting my feet on the floor now, so hopefully dyeing will start again soon.
  • Spinning and knitting classes are still available, but also only after hours (after 6 o clock) and on my off days.
  • The cotton side of dyeing has been completely given over to Rose Saunders. Cottons by Rose is now officially her business.

Things that are not changing :

  • The online shop will be open (I am busy editing it, so it is “under construction” at the moment, but will be open soon.
  • I will continue dyeing / spinning both for the online shop and on order.
  • My passion for the South African wool industry will not change. I still believe in “SA wool first”.

As far as knitting and crocheting goes, I need to make time for that and for sewing. I have so many projects and WIPs in the pipeline, but my time management has not allowed for allot of FO’s , but I hope to get that in some sort of order as well. I started taking a crochet project to work instead of a knitting project and since it is a “no brainer” I am able to make some progress in my break times instead of just staring at the project bag.

That’s it for now. The shop will be open again before the end of the week and new stock should be loaded by then.

I hope everybody is doing well.




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