May in all it’s glory

Hallo again from Worcester, Western Cape,  South Africa!

My last blog post was in April. That is very very bad, I know, but in my defense, the markets have been keeping me very occupied. I have been vending at two of the local farmers markets for the last month and although I am happy that I am doing the markets again, it is quite time consuming. I am now busy preparing for  two bigger June markets and a proper yarn festival in August.

May in the Southern hemisphere is the last month of Autumn and it is always beautiful to see the changes in nature. We are also grateful for the rain we have been receiving. There are still areas in the Karoo that is extremely dry, but the proper rain season is still on it’s way, so we continue to trust for a very wet Winter.

Sooooo…on to  yarn. A Cup of Yarn Cottons by Rose is up and running! YAY!!! The dyer behind the cottons is Rose Saunders and she is doing a great job! We are supplying cottons to the Worcester LYS, The Wool Spot, but we are still selling them on the online shop and markets.


These are only 3 of the beautiful colors that will be available in store soon.There would have been in store already, but they seem to be sold out before it can be added.

The good news is that new cottons are being dyed up right now and will be added to the shop asap. Keep an eye out for Instagram posts for a shop update.

There are also some new DK  wool colors available. I will be adding that to the shop today.

I also have a couple of 14ply super chunky colors dyed up. They will be in the shop, but I am also using it for market projects. As long as they are in the shop, they are available to buy, though.

As always, the easiest way to find me is on Instagram.  I am doing a new podcast as soon as I have finished my shawl WIP (hopefully Monday) and I will try and be a bit more consistent with my blog posts in the upcoming weeks.

That’s it for now.

Be blessed and take care









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