Shop Update!

Hallo from a coldish Worcester, South Africa.  I know 24 degrees Celsius classifies as hot in some other countries, but if you live in Africa, that classifies as kinda on the verge of getting cold. I also have to mention that many South Africans will disagree with this statement.

On that note, I have the wonderful news that my shop is up and running again! YAY! After a serious yarn drought, I am now able to source the yarns I need to dye. Two of the categories are still empty.The cottons and the accessories are not available as yet, but should be soon.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I struggling to figure out the PH levels on the farm, so the colors are, well…strange brews, but they are good in their own unique way, I think.

My handspun yarns are also available, at last!

Just an idea of what is available in the shop. Please go to the shop page for purchases.

The next handspin/hand dyeing event is in 11 days from now. We still have three spaces left so you can still book if you are interested in learnin how to spin and dye your own yarn.

That’s it for today. I will be adding stock to the shop as it becomes available and will be posting updates on Instagram and my FB page as they become available.

I hope everybody has had a good weekend and a will have a blessed, productive week ahead.







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