You Tube Video Fail = Blog Post about spinning and workshops

Hallo from a still very hot Worcester (the one in South Africa). I hope everybody has been having a good week so far.  I have,after trying to record a You Tube Video for nearly two hours and ending with a “floppie” every time,  decided to rather move on to a blog post before my phone ended up in a ditch (I record from my phone, if anyone was wondering)

I have quite a bit to share about fiber stuff, so off we go.

After finishing with the Heart Sideways Tank test knit ( link for pattern below) I went straight back to my spinning wheel.

Heart Sideways Tank


I finished one hank and the next one is in the making. I am so close to finishing of the set of variegated hanks, but it does take some time. When I am done with that, I will start on the undyed tops and dye them up as solids/tonals.

                                                                             Last finished handspun hank.

Meanwhile, I went ahead and bought 6 spinning wheels. Yes, you did read that correctly…SIX.  I am now only looking for an affordable  venue in Worcester to start my classes. The wheels are all second hand. One is an Ashford that has a bit of reparable damage and the others are either from Namibia or South Africa. I was thankfully able to find the SA manufacturers, so I will be able to take the wheels to them for repairs and servicing. The older ones from Namibia definitely  need some attention.

On that note, about the classes and workshops. The workshops will consist of  hand spinning (dropspindle or wheel), hand dyeing with natural dyes and if it is a 3 day workshop,  spending the last day making something with the yarn created. All of the workshops will include a full kit of materials and written instructions.

The first workshop is on the 2nd of March. It is hosted by Bronwyn Firth of KnitteShoppeLove in Kommetjie, Western Cape. This will be a  Natural Dye workshop. I am both excited and nervous, because this will be the first teaching session I have done in years, but hey, what’s the worst than can happen?

I will be adding a separate page for workshops today and all the details , itineraries, dates, etc will be available there.


Drop Spindles, Stellar Fiberworks written instructions, Sipila Wip and finished handspun hank




I have been mastering the drop spindle spinning bit, for which I am very grateful, since it isn’t a good idea to give a lesson on something you can’t do. I have also picked up my Sepila sweater  as well as the baby blanket that should have been done before the baby that is nearly a month old already, was born. Hopefully it will be done before the baby hits puberty.

The Sipila sweater colorwork is a slight headache, because I am struggling with the tension. I am using larger needles ( 4mm  Chiagoo Bamboo…love them) and trying to work as loosely as possible, but the floats still feel too tight. I have decided to finish the colorwork section, split for the sleeves, work a bit of the body, remove it from the needles adding scrap yarn and then soak/ block it. It it fits, I will pick up the stitches and continue. If not, I will rip it out and make a plain raglan sweater instead.

No other WIPS to write home about.

Well, that’s it for today. I will see all of you somewhere next week. May the rest of your week and weekend be peaceful and productive.

Be blessed and take care



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