Natural dyes and natural fibres

I am so excited to talk about the new adventure I am embarking on. I have allways been passionate about keeping things as natural as possible when it comes to yarn, so the next series is taking it one step further. I am starting on a 100%natural non-superwash base using natural plant based dyes. I won’t stop dyeing my normal superwash yarns, since it is a more practical and in some cases non allergenic (for people who are allergic to lanolin),but it is going to be an epic journey resulting in heirloom yarns and thus, in heirloom projects. I will also have superwash yarn dyed with natural plantbased dyes available. So yes, I am super excited and will keep everyone updated about availability via Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and shop updates.

These are some of the colors I have come up with. The next lot will be shipped of to Knitshoppelove in Simonstown, so keep your eyes on Instagram posts.

Hope you have an awesome week!


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